Advanced Compositing Master Diploma


Lnguage English-Spanish
Teacher Carlos Lara.
Starts: 02/25/2019.
Category: VFX (Visual Effects)
Type: Oficial Cardan Certification
Duración: 12 months

$ 248 USD x month

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Prepare yourself to get into the first CardanFX Advanced Compositing Diploma (CACD).

This master compositing training with nuke will take you to the level you need in only 12 months. Get into an intensive Compositing Training experience and succeed in what you always wanted to do.

This master compositing training with nuke will take you to the level you need in only 12 months. Get into an intensive Compositing Training experience and succeed in what you always wanted to do.

Learn about Rotoscoping, Green Screen, Tracking and many other techniques that will get you the job of your dreams.

Every week you will need to work on a very specific project(s), (modeling, animation, textures, drawing, simulations, etc.).
Once completing your project(s) (Homework), we will be reviewing it live so that we can share different points of view and receive feedback from other artists.
This process will last until the end of the course.

This Houdini Technical Director Training includes:

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Download or watch classes On demand
  • Live session (On Demand)
  • Download 2K files and documentation
  • Files and Objects to work along your teacher
  • Constructive feedback about your projects
  • Oficial Cardan Certification
    (Advenced Compositing Nuke Diploma).
  • “FREE ACCESS” to Nuke Fundamentals “Right NOW”
    *(Limited Time Offer).

The best Tools,
The best Training.

Student Requirements:

  • Basic control over Windows or Mac OSx (user level).
  • Basic knowladge of Houdini is required.
  • 20 hours per week available
  • You should be hungry for learning.
  • Programing, 3D modeling, Animation or compositing are a plus but not required.
    (“FREE ACCESS” to Houdini Fundamentals “Right NOW” *Limited Time Offer.).


  • Desktop/ Laptop PC o Mac.
  • Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later.
  • Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster.
  • We recomend NVIDIA GeForce Serie GTX o AMD Radeon HD.
  • 8 GB RAM min ( Recomended 16 or more).

    The Program

  • Workflow and Navigation
  • Industry I
  • Color I
  • Math I
  • Compositing fundamentals
  • Development Techniques
  • Rotoscoping I
  • Green screen, details and markers
  • Set replacement I
  • Replacing objects
  • Wire removal
  • Screen Burns-ins
  • Rotoscoping II (Advanced)
  • Fire, smoke and other special effects
  • Invisible effects
  • Rotoscoping III (Articulation)
  • Reflections removal
  • Markers removal (Advanced)
  • Python
  • Advanced compositing elements
  • Digital aging
  • First evaluation Project
  • Bionic Arm
  • Carnage Digital Effects
  • SET extension and reconstruction
  • Artifacts removal (Advanced)
  • Final evaluation Project
  • Professional resources and development
  • Postproduction Reel

Next Stop
Hollywood Blockbusters:


• You will understand why nature, math and Physics are so important in visual effects (VFX)

• Your abilities for research and development will be in sync to work in the visual effects arena

• This will open your mind to develop techniques and abilities to select and create the perfect VFX shots


• You will learn how to efficiently work during production in different fields such as animation, modeling, lighting, rendering, dynamic simulations and special visual effects that will help you co create stunning high quality VFX for movies and videogames.


• Get the experience you really need by working on real movie quality VFX projects and within a real production environment pipeline.

• We will be working with you “always”, side by side, no matter what, so you can take your skills to expert levels once and for all.


• We will teach you all you need to know to get the job of your dreams, it doesn’t matter how high your expectations are, what is important is to get things done and to do them right.

• We will help you to build a high-quality reel so that you can show it proudly to possible employers.

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