Introduction to compositing for visual effects with Nuke or After Effects

DescriptionThis intro to compositing VFX workshop assumes that you already know the basic concepts of manipulating or editing. CG images has been designed with beginning animators in mind and because of that reason we will introduce you to this amazing activity using the most powerful software available on the planet.This workshop includes class instruction taught by mentors, lab sessions and pre-recorded material that will help you to better understand all of the concepts in the class.

At the end of the workshop, you will have all the main knowledge and discipline needed to continue your journey as a digital animator and make your ideas move!

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WEEK 1.- Workflow and Interface. (Nuke or After Effects).This week you will learn how to use the powerful workspace of Nuke and how to set up your projects correctly. We will teach you how to use the viewers, node graph and the time line while learning how to create your own GUI and import different type of data.

WEEK 2.- Transformation and Animation tools.

This session will be all about 2D transformation nodes and frames in motion. Key frames, data linkage and expressions are the main concepts of this week.

WEEK 3.- Composition CG with real life footage.

This week is all about color in our images. In this session you will learn how to tweak and manipulate color with the help of powerful tools like the grade node, the color correct and the color look up.  Finally we will explore color space, channels and compression.

WEEK 4.- Animating the scene using lights, cameras and actions.

Now it’s time to explore Nuke’s powerful channel system, which includes 1024 options for you to play around when in need of specific information. Another very important topic to discuss here will be Node Tree Structure. At the end of this class you will know how to manipulate your multi-pass CG composites freely.

Week 5: Keying and Masking.

This week is all about removing undesired objects and adding the wanted ones to our plates using masking and Chroma key techniques.  At the end of this week you will have a clear understanding of the rotopaint node and rotoscoping in general.

Week 6 :Working in 3D with Nuke or After Effects.

This is our final class in this introductory workshop and is all about 3D objects inside Nuke. At the end of this workshop you will have a strong foundation of the main 3D objects available in Nuke and you will be able to manipulate geometry, textures, transformations and even bring your 3D objects to your 2D comp.



  • You must be the age of majority in your country in order to apply. If you are a minor your parent or guardian can apply for you.
  • Download the application form (From the link bellow).
  • Fill out the application form and send it back to us.
  • Pay the application fee
  • Wait for a response (Up to 48 hours)
If accepted If not
  • Pay tuition according with the program
  • Read instructions and policies about our training
  • Review materials needed to complete the course
  • Start learning!
  • Review the application and submit again.
  • If the reason is because there is not enough room in the course you can change your application to the next upcoming course available.

Technical requirements:

  • High speed internet service (1M recommended)
  • PC or MAC with the following specifications : Recent generation processor 32 ( 64-bit Recommended), 2 GB in RAM Memory (4 recommended), 100 GB free space in hard drive.

Software Requirements (Online only):

  • After Effects or The foundry’s Nuke
  • Adobe Photoshop (It’s not mandatory) 30 days trial available form adobe’s website.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free)
  • Microsoft Office/Oracle Open Office (Free)

Note: Minimum requirements may change without a notice. Please contact our IT department if you have any question regarding this subject. We don’t sell or provide software licences.


  • Official CardanFX certificate
Certificate of Completion


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