Learn Unity 3D with this introductory course (Workshop)

DescriptionUnity 3D is the game development software application of choice by many game designers and studios around the world.Unity allows you to assemble games by using external assets (these could be images, 3D objects, Audio Files, and scripts) created on external programs like Maya, Cinema 4D or other CG, Audio or programing applications.

As of now, Unity has become the standard game engine on planet heart, that is why if you really want to create or design videogames you must learn how to use it.

Our Unity course will teach you how to create games by showing you the use of many tools and features of this game engine.

We will start from ground zero building up until you completely understand the different stages required to produce a playable Indie videogame. Concepts like the interface, workflow, pipeline, animation, controls, enemies and other many concepts will be discussed during the course.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an experienced programmer, a game designer or if you simply want to create a game as a hobby. This introductory course will take you there easily.

At the end of this training program you will have a strong foundation and knowledge to start creating stunning 2d and 3D games with Unity.

Why should you study at CardanFX Studios?

  • Experienced artists and trainers working in the entertaintment insdustry for more than 15 years.
  • We are not a how to do an effect tutorial site. In CardanFX you are always working with your projects and not by our teachers, you really have to get your hands durty and this makes your learning process a lot more effective.
  • Learn at your own pace but with somebody always guiding you through the entire program. We are always ready to help with any topic related to your OnLine classes by phone, google hang outs, email, Skype or even facebook.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee. If After 2 weeks of training you feel like this is not the right course for you, we’ll give you your money back.*



WEEK 1.- Interface and Navigation.This week you will learn how to use the user interface of Unity and how to set up your projects correctly. We will teach you how to use and move the viewers and panels so that you can fell comfortable with the software.  After this we will teach you how to create objects and manipulate its parameters to start prototiping your game.WEEK 2.- Character set up.

During this part of the course you will learn how to create, manipulate and modify a character control for your player. This could be FPS, Third person, platform or any other stile you want.

WEEK 3.- Level Design tools

Once you get to this class, we will be using tools that allow you to take your level to next level. We will be using the terrain generation tools and at the same time you will learn how to integrate other 3D objects from packages like Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D or Houdini.

WEEK 4.- Interaction with objects

This class is all about interaction with your elements and things like physics, colliders, rigid bodies and camera settings will be discussed during this session of the training program.

WEEK 5.-Introduction to Scripting in Unity3D.

This class is all about understanding the basic concepts of programming in unity. Yes you will become a programmer during this class.

WEEK 6: Shaders and Textures.

This week is all about creating shaders and learning how to tweak their parameters, so that you can achieve different effects on your assets. Texturing and other topics related to the field will be discussed during this period.

Week 7 : Animation and Mecanim

You better be ready for animation at this time because that is what we will do during this week. The class will show you how to set up different animation styles, how to manipulate animation tools and other key techniques to achieve really nice results.

Week 8: GUI and HUD (General user interface and heads up display)

Your game is almost ready but we need a user interface. No worries, Unity is now packed with new tools that help you to create a really nice user interface easily.


Week 9: Enemies and artificial intelligence

This class is all about enemies, obstacles and artificial intelligence. We need to make them come to life so in this chapter we will talk about different methods and scenarios that can help us during our videogame production.

Week 10: Score and storing information

Now it’s time to make our game interactive, we need to reward our players by giving them coins, or any other kind of prize. Once they received something we need to tell Unity to store that information so that they can move to another level without worrying about losing their points, credits, lives or scores.

Week 11: Exporting your game

The end of our 3D game is here, now we will need to set up our game for somebody to play it outside unity and during this week we will explore different ways of exporting your games and we will discuss also some of the requirements de deploy to iOS (app store), Android and other formats.

Week 12: 2D Game tools in Unity

This is a bonus course and because at this point you have a complete understanding of the application 2D is going to be like a piece of cake for you. Get ready for a marvelous experience learning unity and developing your own videogames in Unity.


  • You must be the age of majority in your country in order to apply. If you are a minor your parent or guardian should apply for you.
  • Contact us
  • Fill out the application form and send it back to us.
  • Pay the application fee (if applicable)
  • Wait for a response (Up to 48 hours)
If accepted If not
  • Pay tuition according with the program
  • Read instructions and policies about our training
  • Review materials needed to complete the course
  • Start learning!
  • Review the application and submit again.
  • If the reason is because there is not enough room in the course you can change your application to the next upcoming course available.

Technical requirements:

  • High speed internet service (1M recommended)
  • PC or MAC with the following specifications : Recent generation processor 32 ( 64-bit Recommended), 2 GB in RAM Memory (4 recommended), 100 GB free space in hard drive.

Software Requirements:

  • Unity 5 (Unity 5 Pro)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office/Oracle Open Office

Note: Minimum requirements may change without notice. Please contact our IT department if you have any question regarding this subject. We don’t sell or provide software licences.

Unity 3D can be downloaded for free from the developer website.


  • Official CardanFX certificate
  • Portfolio properly organized with projects created during the training.

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