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DescriptionWithout a doubt Math is indispensable in our lives, without it we could never figure out simple calculations like time, weather or space. In 3D graphics Math is really important as well because we are dealing with numbers all the time, geometry and many other concepts of Math.

This training program is devoted to artists that want to learn Math but don’t want to deal with complex terminology that probably doesn’t make sense. I will say that here, you will learn Math but by using an artistic approach.

We found that a lot of CG artists run away from Math because they think that it is pretty difficult to master, and let us tell you something…  they are absolutely right!!

Math is difficult to master at some degree but as CG artists all we need to know are a few concepts that will make our workflow a lot more easier every time we work on a project.

With that said, we promise you that this course will help you to absolutely understand these concepts so that you can quickly take a step forward in your career.



Mathematics is the science of studying structure, quantity, space and change. As you can see all this takes effect in the CGI world. This chapter is devoted to teaching you why the use of math is going to make your life easier when working with computer graphics.


Numbers are a representation of something right? But why are some numbers better for some types of calculation than others? Well this class is all about numbers so don’t worry about a thing because after this chapter you are going to understand what the different types of numbers are.


Algebra is one of the main branches of Mathematics and this is why we really need to dig into the fundamentals of it. Rules of operations and relations are going to be studied in this chapter to allow you to solve equations the proper way.

This chapter is all about triangles and angles. In the world of 3D graphics we deal with this type of data all the time so let’s get into the process of analyzing how to take advantage of this branch of Mathematics in our CG projects.


This class is all about shapes, position, size and space. All of these concepts are really important when working in visual effects, 3D animation or video games and this is why in this chapter you will learn how to deal with lengths, areas and volumes.


Imagine a world without coordinates, wow it would be impossible to figure out the exact point or location of something. Now these days we have google maps and things like that to help us locate places or events, but still we need to understand how this system can help us to accomplish tasks more efficiently when dealing with any CG project.

In this chapter of our Math course, we are going to deal with rotation, reflection, translations and these types of functions. If you are planning to become a good CG artist you must possess a strong foundation of these simple operations so that you can navigate freely in this world.

►Dealing with Vectors

Vectors have many purposes and when using them in CG there is not an exception, vectors allow us to point direction, assign color or simply to help us with orientation issues.  This chapter is completely dedicated to vectors in CG and at the end of the program you will be able to take advantage of these elements in a variety of situations when working in computer graphics.

►Curves and surfaces

Curves are lines that are not straight right? Well that is true, but if we understand better it’s topology, conventions and terminology I can guarantee you that these simples curves are going to become one of your very best friends.


  • You must be the age of majority in your country in order to apply. If you are a minor your parent or guardian can apply for you.
  • Download the application form (From the link bellow).
  • Fill out the application form and send it back to us.
  • Pay the application fee
  • Wait for a response (Up to 48 hours)
If accepted If not
  • Pay tuition according with the program
  • Read instructions and policies about our training
  • Review materials needed to complete the course
  • Start learning!
  • Review the application and submit again.
  • If the reason is because there is not enough room in the course you can change your application to the next upcoming course available.

Technical requirements:

  • High speed internet service (1M recommended)
  • PC or MAC with the following specifications : Recent generation processor 32 ( 64-bit Recommended), 2 GB in RAM Memory (4 recommended), 100 GB free space in hard drive.

Software Requirements:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office/Oracle Open Office

Note: Minimum requirements may change without a notice. Please contact our IT department if you have any question regarding this subject. We don’t sell or provide software licences.


  • Official CardanFX certificate
  • Portfolio properly organized with projects created during the training.

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Duration: 12 Weeks

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Technical Theory
  • Equation solving
  • Geometry
  • Calculate area, volume and position.
  • Calculate vectors
  • Manipulation of geometry and curves
  • Mathematics
  • Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Coordinates
  • Vectors
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