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Cardan FX has been teaching artists Digital Media Arts since 2006.

Firstly, we are always making sure to get the most of our students’ for instance, creativity, and the best technical methods allow us to generate the best professionals no matter what career or field they choose (Visual Effects, Video Games, Film, Music Production, TV Recording Industries).

As a Cardan FX Media Arts student, you have access to our expertise in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, this is a dream school of upcoming Visual Effects Artists, 3D Animators, Video Game Designers, Developers, Film Directors, and Music Producers.

Learn Visuale Effects, Music and Video Games

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Why study at CardanFX?

CardanFX was born to help artists accomplish their dreams working in the field that they love and enjoy.

Doing that, you can take complete control of your future, write the story of your own life, and under your own terms. Yes, as an artist, you are also free to control everything around you, not only colors, sounds, and shapes.

In fact, being an artist can make you accomplish things that not many other careers allow you to do. For that reason, this school of digital arts is here to help you achieve your goals a lot faster. That means, to make sure that you do not take the wrong directions. Yes, that is the advantage of the will power of artists pursuing their dreams.

Other schools only care about how much they can bring in. Therefore, there is plenty of frustrated artists working in fields not related to their passion. In CardanFX, you can be sure of wan thing: We are only satisfied if you succeed.

Start learning the way artists should be learning, and make your ideas come to life no matter what

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14 years of experience teaching professionals and creating new ones.

Visual Effects School

With this training program, we will teach you all the techniques and skills you need to succeed. Among regular software classes, you will learn what really matters when dealing with difficult visual effects shots. In other words, you can be sure that you are going to be a professional ready for the industry at the end of your classes. In short, becoming a Visual Effects Artist with us is a fun, challenging, and creative process.

Houdini Online Destruction Course

School for Video Games

School for Video Games

Firstly, students in our game design online program need to learn how to work with a team. After that, they will be ready to start the process of designing amazing characters, fantasy levels, and wonderful stories. This helps our game design courses cover everything you need to know and always have someone else pushing you all the way in so you can become a better game developer. And yes, you will learn about everything, from the first videogames ever, all the way to 3D animation, Visual Effects, Game Mechanics, business, and triple-A game design.

Music Production School

The music production and audio engineering online program brings the most powerful and necessary music education elements into today’s high-tech digital media era. Therefore, future Music Producers will learn all they need to understand music theory, music technology, music business, music production, audio mixing, editing, mastering, and many other advanced topics. Stop looking for a music production online school. This is the perfect place to start and launch your music career.

Audio and Music Production School

Today’s entertainment industry needs prepared and efficient artists at every single stage of production.

Today’s entertainment industry needs prepared and efficient artists at every single stage of production.
For that matter, our Visual Effects, Videogames, and Music Production training programs will take you through the entire production process, from the very first ideas all the way to the most advanced procedures and techniques.

Are you ready to make your ideas come to life?

The industry is hungry for artists who specialize in their area. In that instance, our top-of-the-line mentors will teach you how to max out your technical and artistic skills in real-world scenarios.

Chose to graduate from one of our certification programs, you will understand how to work alone or with an entire army. CardanFX’s main objective is to prepare the best generation of production-ready professionals.


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