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Among some of the most extensive Ethereum blockchain-based software developers, CardanFX Studios is a first-of-its-kind NFT Studio focused on programmable, on-demand, generative content stored unalterably on the Solana and Ethereum Blockchain. Generative art uses a program to transform a number of traits into amazing and random art abstractions, the more traits the major combinations. “Iterations are infinite”.

CardanFX is a small but powerful team dedicated to Create Art, Code generative art, Code Blockchain Smart Contracts, and Marketing NFT Projects.

“Houdini Software is a key for procedural and generative NFT Collectable content”

“Focus on your passion while we care about managing the technicalities of your NFT Project”

Charly Rubiel

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We are your partner all the way, from conception to making you a successful NFT producer.

When you create Generative NFTs with CardanFX, you access an NFT Agency that is backing you up in every single aspect of your project, we are a real solution to NFT creators. From the conception and pre-production of your project through the grand presale of your digital gallery on your beautiful web site or OpenSea, we will always be by your side.

Our mission is to guide and help artists across the NFT Universe, enabling them to accomplish their NFT Project a lot easier. Generating thousands of one-of-a-kind NFTs is not an easy task, and artists should focus on art and not the technical stuff.


Work with us and gain the recognition, financial freedom, and the satisfaction of seeing your dreams come through.


Do not worry!

To be honest with you, everyone is roughly in the same situation. Yes, NFT technology is relatively new. 

NFTs are here to conquer the metaverse, and as artists, we need to be part of it. We are going to battle, but instead of weapons, we’re well equipped with art, code, blockchains, Houdini, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, ZBrush, Solsea, OpenSea, and our own websites.

As the first NFT procedural digital generative agency, we know exactly what a generative NFT collection needs and how to achieve the best results for your project.

We are working with all sorts of artists and projects, ranging from generative images, 3D Projects all the way to generative NFT audio files.

Our systems can generate unlimited variations of your art, no matter what kind of digital project you are trying to launch. 

Generative art is not just about multiplying traits of your art randomly. We have seen many cases where artists do not pay attention to this and their projects never succeed. NFTs are not a random, quick, or easy way out to make money creating art. It is just a new and powerful market.

We know you are a great artist, but you still need developers, programmers, marketing expertise, or even a manager.

NFT Collections with thousands of images or models need generative code, yes, it could be 2D or 3D but if you need a generative NFT solution you are in the right place.


When artwork files are set up in a way to create different variations of themselves, that is called “generative art.”

Generally, NFT artists create different versions of characters, this is commonly done by creating a variety of traits (eyes, glasses, hairstyles, hats, shirts, etc.). The artist needs to place every trait in its own layer so that we can make them independent and smart-randomly organize the new iterations created by our software or scripts.

Software and custom programming can automate this process. This automation system makes generative variations a reality, otherwise you will have to hand-draw or model thousands of iterations of nearly identical art?)

NFT Collections are typically 10,000, but in some cases, you can find even larger collections. But let’s keep 10,000 as our preferred generative NFT work number. 

Create a 10,000 NFT  collection!

If you are an artist, just focus on creating the best art you can imagine and let the rest to us.

Create your first NFT generative Collection!

We will take care of all the technical stuff, from the structure set up of the project to web development, promotional animations, roadmaps, marketing, and social management operations.

A key aspect from your side is to prepare your PSDs with the right structure. 

We have a tutorial about this on our YouTube Channel!

If you’re not an artist or aren’t familiar with creating digital art, we also offer NFT art creation services to help propel or bridge your NFT project forward.

Learn more about working with the CardanFX agency on your upcoming NFT artwork.

CardanFX School VFX Art NFTs


Generative code is a program created by code that will look into all your different arranged traits and will create new variants based on structured and organized layers.

Using rarity tables and name conventions you will end up with a new collection set of thousands NFts ready to be minted on any NFT platform.

Your original art will set up the first steps to run the code and generate your one-of-a-kind NFT masterpieces.

Generative NFT code is the solution to any NFT collection requiring hundreds or thousands of files.



In most cases, a generative NFT collection contains 10,000 unique generated sets of digital graphics put together thanks to hundreds of different computer png graphic files in which a program follows various logical rules and commands to distribute them based on statistics in order to create different percentages of rarity and scarcity. 

Using this random function we can assemble new graphical “traits” creating interesting new visual combinations while keeping a well-defined hierarchy of graphics ranging from ” very common” combinations to “super rare” ones. 

In the NFT Metaverse, the more rare or unusual combinations are the more wanted and prized NFTs of a given collection. 

Collectors of NFTs typically buy NFTs based on a sight-unseen process in hopes of possibly getting a rarer or uncommon NFT (which is said to be more valuable than the rest of NFTs).


Cardan is the most innovative agency for creatives using tokens in North and Latin America. Cardan unfair advantage is the expertise and network of its members:

We create Video Games, write custom code and Smart Contracts for your company tokens.

We have been teaching art online since 2006, we have helped funded companies build communities, and tokens at different levels.

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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be used for tokenization of existing digital or physical art objects and collections (characters, symbols, game assets, or any other form of digital art).

As an artist, you can use this upcoming technology to monetize your art by reaching thousands or millions of potential buyers.

Establishing a presence in this new industry could be a challenge for many people but many artists have managed to establish a fast and successful niche in the market.