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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be used for tokenization of existing digital or physical art objects and collections (characters, symbols, game assets, or any other form of digital art).

As an artist, you can use this upcoming technology to monetize your art by reaching thousands or millions of potential buyers.

Establishing a presence in this new industry could be a challenge for many people but many artists have managed to establish a fast and successful niche in the market.

“Focus on your passion while we care about managing your presence in the online community”

Charly Rubiel

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It all begins with an idea…

Maybe you are an established artist who wants to dive into the digital NFT world but doesn’t know where to start.

Maybe you’re already minting your art but need help getting discovered in the vast and infinite crypto world.

Or maybe you simply have a brand new and creative project to share with your fans and want to create a big impact.

Whatever your situation is, we are here ready to help you tell the best NFT artist online story ever.

Let’s conquer the NFT world together.


Let’s create a community, a connexion with your audience, and a masterpiece of your NFT art.


As artists, we didn’t use to care about the value of an art piece, but now NFTs are changing this perspective. Now, being realistic the process and management of NFT projects can be a real hassle. Plus, we creatives need time and support to create marketing plans and leverage tokens. Yes, creating tokens and promoting them the right way takes time. Cardan helps artists get started immediately, with the right foot.


CardanFX Studios is now the first Artist Oriented  International NFT Agency. Cardan is based in Ontario, Canada. Cardan educates artists about digital arts and the benefits of the new NFT era.

Cardan also supports the most talented creative minds with a complete, end-to-end service in every block of the chain and NFT front-end space. Cardan’s objective is to motivate talented artists to use NFTs to create, grow, and maintain a successful brand and career path.

CardanFX School VFX Art NFTs


While NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are wildly popular nowadays and have joined the traditional art market, this is just the beginning. NFTs are just a brand new way to create unique artworks that are irreplaceable – no one can have a copy, and nobody can change or disrupt its ownership. NFTs can be produced from any form of digital art, can be offered as a limited edition, as a collection, or even as a collaboration with other artists. Sky’s the limit!

CardanFX NFT is a full-stack studio NFT production house. We want to be part of each and every step of your NFT project and navigate together across the brave and open ocean of limitless art.

Our team is made of artists, marketing, and code specialists who have been working actively in the art and entertainment industry and crypto world. We are passionate about artists, NFTs, and crypto art in general. Let us guide you through the process and get noticed by the infinite crypto NFT community.

As a full-stack digital marketing agency, we don’t just help you promote your NFTs, we pull together our creative and organic management services to make your project stand out from the rest.

NFT SEO, Marketing, Game Development, Music Production, Training, Smart Contracts, and many other services are at your disposal to optimize your NFT Project and create your own valuable brand.



CardanFX offers three main NFT services.

Cardan Academy teaches courses, workshops, and tutorials that educate NFT enthusiasts about the pros and cons of crypto and tokens. Be part of our community.

Cardan Agency accelerates the career of talented artists by connecting them with creatives and brands while providing complete, end-to-end Marketing, Gamification, and Crypto Token services to engage in the NFT Economy.

Cardan Consulting advises corporations, governments, and other organizations on how to strategically leverage tokens, NFTs, and the Metaverse.


Cardan is the most innovative agency for creatives using tokens in North and Latin America. Cardan unfair advantage is the expertise and network of its members:

We create Video Games, write custom code and Smart Contracts for your company tokens.

We have been teaching art online since 2006, we have helped funded companies build communities, and tokens at different levels.