Houdini Fundamentals Course (The Basics)

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Welcome to our Houdini Fundamentals course.

You are here because you want to train and become a master using Houdini right?

Now we would like to explain what Houdini is and why this Fundamentals training course could help you get to your goal faster. This Houdini Fundamentals Training course has been designed for absolute beginners needing to understand Houdini FX in detail.

First of all, why would you like to learn Houdini?
Houdini FX is one of the highest efficient 3D and Visual effects (VFX) applications available out there. Its unique procedural system allows the creation of powerful tools (HDA’s) that no other application can achieve without the need for complex setups or the help of plugins.

If you train and learn Houdini you can do almost everything that you can imagine (From Visual Effects to Motion Graphics or Digital Assets for Videogames). And the most important part of this is that if you train, learn and understand how Houdini works you will be ready to tackle any other 3D application whit ease.

Houdini FX was mostly used by big VFX production Houses back at the beginning of the 2000s. TDs were the guys in charge of using this beast of software until around 2006 SideFX launched Houdini 9, the beauty of the beast. This new version was a game-changer for 3D users because now almost any artist could start using this complex application with a new beautiful and friendly interface.

Nowadays there is a lot of information about Houdini. The program has grown so much (in its features, industry usage, and learning courses, classes, and resources). This Training has been designed to be used by creative and serious artists looking to learn in detail how Houdini works.

  • Starts: April 19 2021
  • Category: TD Visual Effectcs
  • Official CardanCertificate
  • Length: 10 Weeks
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The Best Houdini Training Course for Beginners Online

Visual Effects Technical Directors are good at many VFX related areas, but their craftsmanship mainly has been achieved by studying and working a lot on topics like physics, math, and programming. Art has a place here, but if you want to be called an FX TD and you are more like an artist kind of guy maybe you should be called a VFX artist.

FX TDs deal with physics to simulate scenarios, they could be using particles in other to create a flock system (birds flying), magic portals, or a disintegration effect. And these effects, require some knowledge about physics, math, and technical skills to make them look amazing.

VFX TDs are not great at executing keyframe animation, modeling, or concept art. But they have a strong understanding of the entire process of the visual effects production pipeline. This is especially important because they do not need to be good at all these things. They need to understand how other artists do their jobs and focus on theirs.

Are you ready? Strat learning Houdini FX at Cardan.

Remember, we are here ready to help.

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Learn Modeling, RBD simulations, Hair, and start your jurney to become a Professional.

How Our Houdini Training Works?

I can promise you that after taking this course you will be up and running to conquer this robust and powerful application. This course has been divided into six different chapters

• You will start by looking at the interface and navigation techniques inside Houdini.
• Learning Houdini’s Modeling tools and procedural workflow will be our second chapter during this workshop.
• Third session of the program is about learning materials and shaders in Houdini. In this chapter, you will apply color and textures to your models.
• After learning about procedural 3D modeling and materials you will deal with lights and illumination methods in Houdini.
• Now you will learn that animation in Houdini is just fun and after this class, you will be ready to start creating 3D animations without a problem using bones and other controls that will make it easy to control your characters.
• The end of our course is here, session six with Mantra render. Here you will explore the different parameters that will help you to create amazing images using Houdini’s powerful render engine.

At the end of every class you will need to work on a very specific project(s), (modeling, animation, textures, drawing, simulations, etc.).
Once completing your project(s) (Homework), we will be reviewing it live so that we can share different points of view and receive feedback from other artists.

This process will run until the end of the course.

Carlos Lara has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and more than 15 years of teaching visual effects and animation in different universities, VFX studios, and many other facilities in the world. Yes, he is a Visual Effects Artist, and a Technical Director. Feel confident that you will be in great hands.

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In the first chapter, you will learn how Houdini’s Interface works and how you can set it up to be more efficient. You will get a complete picture of panels, windows, parameters, 3D, and navigation techniques that will help you to feel like a shark in the ocean and not a little fish.
Selection Tools, Project Set-Up, Networks, and Channels in Houdini are the main objective in this session.

(You will need to accomplish four Different Projects during these lessons of the Course).


During this second session you will keep learning about Houdini FX tools, but now you will be working with different types of geometry and understanding how components and main attributes play a big role inside Houdini. This section of the course also includes the understanding of Groups, Attributes, Data Flow, VOPs, Packed Geometry, and Different type of volumes.

(Four Different Challenges have to be completed during this session of the training program).


Now we are inside the DOPs environment, Dynamic simulations are one of the stronger features of Houdini. During this section, we will be teaching you how to set up Dynamic Networks Using RBD objects and Fluid Objects so that you can start creating physical phenomenal effects right after these classes.

(8 missions are waiting for you during this chapter of the course).


You know how to deal with Houdini simulations at this point of the training and is mandatory to reinforce the skills and abilities you already have inside DOPs by using some other powerful nodes. POP’s (Particles) and FLIP Objects (Liquids Simulation Objects) are going to be our priority this time. Whit this set of tools in your arsenal you will be able to start building water effects, splashes, and Beautiful Particle FX.

(2 Projects are needed to be completed during these lessons of the Houdini Fundamentals course).


In the fifth class group, you will become a real Houdini scene director by learning How to manipulate and use Cameras, Lights, Materials, Shaders and set up render nodes and their parameters using Manta (Houdini’s Powerful Render Engine).

(You will need to accomplish your first complete scene render using everything you know at this point).


During this sixth session, you will start building your first complete Digital Asset (HDA/OTL) using the power of proceduralism. Now is time to use expressions, instances, loops, parameter references, and functions to create a cool strong robot machine.

(There is only one project to be completed during this challenge of the training program).


Once again inside the DOPs environment, we will keep working on Dynamic simulations, but this time we are going to take all this to the next level in Houdini. We are talking about grain tools and FEM options, a cool set of visual effects packs that can take our creativity beyond the standards.

(2 missions are waiting for you during this chapter of the course).


You know how to deal with all sorts of simulations and this is le last part of our Training course. We can not let you go without learning some of the coolest tools inside Houdini. Vellum, a system that allows you to create cloth simulations and other types of deforming simulations. And the last thing we learn during this program is going to be FUR simulations, a powerful workflow capable to create very realistic hair and fur effects.

(2 Projects are mandatory at the end of the Houdini Fundamentals course).


Creating blockbuster destruction simulations in Houdini can be a very time-consuming task, but it also needs too many resources from your system.

This program has been designed whit the average learning student in mind. Obviously, you are learning, and getting an expensive computer only to learn can be difficult.

This program will make you become a professional VFX TD regarding your PC requirements. Forget the excuses! Start learning Houdini VFX TD Tricks NOW.

You can Download Houdini Apprentice from this link

  • Basic Understanding of Visual Effects
  • PC/Mac, intel i5 Processor, 16 GB of RAM
  • Be a super fan of Coding, Physics, Numbers and simulation effects
  • You will need at least 10 hours every week
  • Great attitude

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