Language English-Spanish
Teacher Carlos Lara.
Starts: 48 Hours After Payment confirmation.
Category: VFX , 3D, Animation
Type: Oficial Cardan Certification
Duración: 12 weeks

$ 199 USD x month

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If you are new to Houdini 17 or a current user looking to expand your knowledge, this training course is for you.

I can promise to you that after taking this course you will be up and running to conquer this robust and powerful application. This course has been divided in to six different chapters
• You will start by looking at the interface and navigation techniques inside Houdini.
• Learning Houdini’s Modeling tools and procedural workflow will be our second chapter during this workshop.
• Third session of the program is about learning materials and shaders in Houdini. In this chapter you will apply color and textures to your models.
• After learning about procedural 3D modeling and materials you will deal with lights and illumination methods in Houdini.
• Now you will learn that animation in Houdini is just fun and after this chapter you will be ready to start creating 3D animations without a problem using bones and other controls that will make easy to control your characters.
• The end of our course is here, session six with Mantra render. Here you will explore the different parameters that will help you to create amazing images using Houdini’s powerful render engine.

At the end of every class you will need to work on a very specific project(s), (modeling, animation, textures, drawing, simulations, etc.).
Once completing your project(s) (Homework), we will be reviewing it live so that we can share different points of view and receive feedback from other artists.
This process will run all the way until the end of the course.

This Houdini 17 Training Course includes:

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Download or watch classes On demand
  • Live session (On Demand)
  • Download Houdini files and documentation
  • Files and Objects to work along your teacher
  • Constructive feedback about your projects
  • Oficial Cardan Certification
    (Houdini Certificate).

The best Tools,
The best Training.

Student Requirements:

  • Basic control over Windows or Mac OSx (user level).
  • Approximately 20 hours (Including Homework time)
  • You shold be ready to learn and oractice.
  • Programing, 3D modeling, Animation or compositing are a plus but not required.

Minimum Technichal Requirements:

  • Desktop/ Laptop PC o Mac.
  • Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later.
  • Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster.
  • We recomend NVIDIA GeForce Serie GTX o AMD Radeon HD.
  • 8 GB RAM min.

    The Program

  • Houdini’s Workspace
  • Navigation
  • Modeling Tools in Houdini
  • Procedural Moedeling
  • Introduction to Materials and SHOPS
  • UV’s
  • Animation
  • Riging Tools
  • Lights
  • Rendering
  • introduction to Dynamics

The most complete
Houdini 17 training course:


• You will learn how to use the interface and navigate inside Houdini’s powerful platform

• You will learn about networks inside Houdini how to manipulate the different type of nodes, principles of modeling animation lighting and rendering inside the program

• at the end of the program you will feel very comfortable using the application and you will be ready to work in any kind of project that requires the use of Houdini


• You will learn the basics of procedural modeling and how Houdini’s workflow can improve your productivity during the production using digital assets.


• Get ready to experiment and try different versions of making things inside Houdini get the experience of working on real projects that will be reviewed by our supervisors.

• We will be working with you, right by your side all the way until you complete this course, you will be never alone .


• During this program, we will be not talking about how to get a job but you will understand how the process of working on real projects can help you to get things done on time and efficiently

• At the end of this training, you would end up with a cool reel or portfolio using all the projects created during our Houdini course